Mana G&T

The G&T - a drink as old as Malaria itself. With more and more fantastic gins and tonic waters coming onto the market, it seems like the humble G&T is experiencing quite the renaissance.

But what would a renaissance be without a shameless distortion of the classic G&T?! Inventive genius often involves reshaping the classics and, we might be tooting our own horn here, but we feel this is one of those moments. It might sound a bit funky but we're pretty sure people thought the same thing when some old British chap decided to mix quinine powder with soda and sugar!

What you'll need:

  • 30mL Gin
  • Equal parts Mana Cold Brew and Tonic Water
  • Slice of orange
  • A tall glass
  • A handful of ice

Whatcha gotta do:

  1. Throw the ice in a glass
  2. Pour in the gin, Mana Cold Brew and Tonic Water
  3. Add the slice of orange
  4. Stir while jesting jovially in a British accent
  5. Enjoy!
It almost counts towards your fruit intake for the day...