Coffee with a Cause


1 in 5 children go to school hungry. That’s messed up. In a country as prosperous and developed as ours, 20% of children are still going to school without enough food in their bellies to concentrate.

Thankfully, there’s people like Phil at Cereal for Coffee that’s doing something about it. Cereal for Coffee is a registered charity that takes the profits from the sales of coffee and coffee products on their website and uses it to buy boxes of cereal and milk. These are then supplied to breakfast clubs, community and support groups and chaplains throughout school in South Eastern Queensland. We might be miles away in chilly ol’ Melbourne but we think that’s just brilliant.

When Phil approached us to stock Mana as part of their charity’s product offering, we were stoked for two reasons. The first being that he thought we were worthy enough to list us on the Cereal for Coffee site beside his excellent selection of coffees, grinders and equipment and the second (and most important) being that it enabled us to contribute in some way.

A newly started small business often doesn’t have the cash available to be able to contribute to causes you think are worthy. A constant, worried eye on your cashflow very rarely allows for that. Being able to supply an organisation like Cereal for Coffee and knowing that a win-win arrangement is helping kids in need is absolutely ideal. It’s what we look for with all our partners and we’re proud as punch to be able to be just a tiny a part of this worthy charity.

Since 2015, Cereal for Coffee have supplied more than 3550 boxes of cereal and 400 litres of UHT milk for school kids in South Eastern Queensland. Find out more about them on their website, follow them on Instagram or download their information sheet. If you’re a cafe, there’s also a flyer that you can use to advertise your cafe as a drop off point for boxes of cereal. Get in touch with Phil to be a part of their great work.