Another Melbourne institution takes on Mana.

Image: Scicluna's

Image: Scicluna's

Sciclunas is an institution. Over 50 years of serving fresh fruit, vegetables and foodstuffs to the peoples of Mentone, Sorrento and more recently Tooronga. The fact, therefore, that Sciclunas Mentone and Tooronga is ready and willing to take Mana Cold Brew on their shelves is truly humbling.

We love Mana ourselves, that's a given, but it still gives us a burst of joy when we find out that others like it as much as we do! In much the same way, we're always taken aback when such distinguished grocers like Sciclunas range us. In the sad, nerdy world of producing cold brew, a retailer like Sciclunas is really a badge of honour. A large grocer that still has an exceptionally a high level of produce quality, an exquisite range of deli and pantry products and professional friendly family service.

This aint Kansas any more Toto. This means the clever little boxes of Mana Cold Brew are starting to play in the big leagues. And we couldn't be happier. It speaks wonders to where the cold brew trend in Australia is going and how we're positioned to service it! We're so frickn excited to be in Sciclunas and, once again, nestled between such prestigious brands on their fridges.

Normally this would be when we say 'do yourself a favour and head on in to get a box' but for Sciclunas, it doesn't really seem necessary. If you're not already visiting these beautiful stores for produce and groceries that are head and shoulders above the rest, there's not much we can do for you.... Jokes! Go in and shop there! Now! Stop reading and go! 

If you haven't already left in a panic to fill your basket, we'll just finish with this. We're in Sciclunas. Boo-frickn-yah.

Produce porn.  Image: Scicluna's

Produce porn.

Image: Scicluna's