Chill with SpaCo and Mana!

Had a hectic week? Are there 10,000 things running through your head? Are your shoulders and neck so tight you look like a 95 year old man? You need a spa. Seriously, you really need a spa.

SpaCo CafeInterior.jpg

SpaCo Mornington are the only spa in the Mornington area worthy of your sore muscles and frazzled mind. The amazing team there can work you in ways you didn't think possible and have your pains, tensions and worries slipping away in a sleepy haze of relaxation. You'll drift out with a contented smile on your face.

SpaCo Cafe.jpg

But SpaCo Mornington haven't stopped there! They have created far more than just an oasis of clam. Their carefully selected range of products and beautiful cafe mean you can continue to float on your cloud of contentedness and indulge in further therapy (of the retail variety). Most importantly, for you entire well being, they now stock Mana Cold Brew!! So not only can you reward your muscles and brain but your taste buds and stomach too!

We love the idea of a beautiful, progressive and modern spa like SpaCo Mornington stocking Mana. It fits so perfectly with everything we want the Mana brand to be: relaxed, active, content, modern and dedicated to just making people happy. Brilliant.

If you're a Mornington local or find yourself in the area for a sunny weekend, you must, must stop into SpaCo, book yourself a massage and just take a moment to switch off. Once suitably wobbly, take a box of Mana home with you, pour yourself a glass, find your comfiest couch, drape yourself across it and sip leisurely. Heaven...