Magic Bean Report #2 - Matambo

Coffee is just like wine - the fruit that gives it its beautiful flavour changes, grows and develops with the change in weather. In order to keep Mana's beautiful, fruity, smooth flavour with it's punchy chocolatey aftertase, we adjust our raw ingredient. A new mix of Colombian farmers has been able to give us our latest magic bean: Matambo!






Hulia Dept., Colombia, (Lot A 03-178-0134-17)

A  slightly darker roast brings out a strong body with bright acidity, delicate floral notes and sweet yellow fruits. Chocolate and caramel flavours on the back palate. 




15 coffee growers, members of the APROCAFEQ El Paraiso Association cooperative. Find out more about the individual growers here.  

Grown exclusively in the Department of Hulia, Colombia, these farms have an average size of 3 hectares and sit between 1,600 and 2,000 meters above sea level.

Beans are typically a mix of 80% Caturra and 20% Colombia







Once again the geniuses at Clark Street Roasters have been able to nail the brief on our beans. With full transparency and personal relationships with their growers, Clark Street Roasters continue to be as committed to social, environmental and economic sustainability as we are. For their exquisite coffees and much more, check them out here.