Coffee with a Cause


1 in 5 children go to school hungry. That’s messed up. In a country as prosperous and developed as ours, 20% of children are still going to school without enough food in their bellies to concentrate.

Thankfully, there’s people like Phil at Cereal for Coffee that’s doing something about it. Cereal for Coffee is a registered charity that takes the profits from the sales of coffee and coffee products on their website and uses it to buy boxes of cereal and milk. These are then supplied to breakfast clubs, community and support groups and chaplains throughout school in South Eastern Queensland. We might be miles away in chilly ol’ Melbourne but we think that’s just brilliant.

When Phil approached us to stock Mana as part of their charity’s product offering, we were stoked for two reasons. The first being that he thought we were worthy enough to list us on the Cereal for Coffee site beside his excellent selection of coffees, grinders and equipment and the second (and most important) being that it enabled us to contribute in some way.

A newly started small business often doesn’t have the cash available to be able to contribute to causes you think are worthy. A constant, worried eye on your cashflow very rarely allows for that. Being able to supply an organisation like Cereal for Coffee and knowing that a win-win arrangement is helping kids in need is absolutely ideal. It’s what we look for with all our partners and we’re proud as punch to be able to be just a tiny a part of this worthy charity.

Since 2015, Cereal for Coffee have supplied more than 3550 boxes of cereal and 400 litres of UHT milk for school kids in South Eastern Queensland. Find out more about them on their website, follow them on Instagram or download their information sheet. If you’re a cafe, there’s also a flyer that you can use to advertise your cafe as a drop off point for boxes of cereal. Get in touch with Phil to be a part of their great work.

Mana's First Sydney Stockist!! Health Nuts Kings Cross

Image: Health Nuts (Instagram)

Image: Health Nuts (Instagram)

Little ol' Mana is spreading its wings and stepping outside of our precious Melbourne! We're super excited to be able to announce our first ever Sydney stockist: Health Nuts Kings Cross. The plan for Mana has always been to expose the whole of Australia to excellent quality cold brew that neither costs the Earth nor harms it. Health Nuts is our first step to taking our clever little boxes and what Mana stands for to the rest of Oz!

Nestled down a nondescript staircase on the corner of Darlinghurst and Kings Cross roads just below the iconic CocaCola sign, Health Nuts was started with the mission "help[ing] our customers achieve an optimum level of health in the hope it leads to greater happiness in their life". Bam. We love it! Improving happiness through great food and quality products rings true with us. We're humbled to be included in the fridges of this wonderful business.

Run by Eli and his team of trainers, naturopaths, dieticians and vets (yup, Health Nuts makes sure they have healthy products for pets too!) Health Nuts is a warm, welcoming store that greets you with the delicious smell of freshly prepared wholefoods and the hum of blenders preparing fresh juices and smoothies. It feels like a coop when you arrive, with customers who are obviously regulars in animated conversations about foods, ingredients, health products and lifestyles. It's brilliant!

Image: Health Nuts (Instagram)

Image: Health Nuts (Instagram)

So now our Sydney customers have an option besides ordering online and having their Mana delivered. They can pop down to Kings Cross (or Potts Point depending on who you ask) and wander into Health Nuts. They can order a drink and have a raw food treat while they take some time out from the hustle and bustle of Sydney's busiest area and just chill. They can then grab a beautiful salad, soup, curry or sauce for their dinner, a box of Mana Cold Brew and any number of amazing groceries and be on their way.

This is hopefully the first of many! Keep an eye out on our stockist page as we're hoping to add a few more Sydney stores in the very near future. If you have think you know any stores that would benefit from having Mana in their fridges (anywhere in Australia), please let us know. We'd love to hear from you.

Sydney, here we coooome!

4 for 4(k)! Four box Instagram giveaway

We've almost got 4,000 followers!!

Instagram and our wonderful community have been such a gift to our little cold brew business. We're constantly in awe of the wonderful sentiment we get from our dearest Insta followers. It sounds ridiculous but if you're a bit down after battling the thousands of things that are constantly trying to sink a small business like ours, it's always energising to read the comments and see the joy our little boxes of Mana bring to people. It really is inspiring.

So while we'd love to send every one of our followers a little thank you, that would probably bankrupt us. (Maybe one day.) What we can do is give one lucky Insta follower the chance to win 4 boxes of Mana delivered right to their door!

TO ENTER: 1) Like our competition tile, 2) Follow us on Instagram (@manacoldbrew), and 3) Tag a friend in the comments. Simples!

THE PRIZE: 4 x boxes of Mana Cold Brew delivered to your door.

THE DETAILS: We can only ship to Australian addresses so Aussie entries only. Competition starts Sunday 6th May and ends Midnight, Sunday 20th May. Winners will be announced Monday 21st May.

Thanks to all of our Instagram followers and we look forward to sharing some exciting new news with you all soon!


The Mana Team.


Another Melbourne institution takes on Mana.

Image: Scicluna's

Image: Scicluna's

Sciclunas is an institution. Over 50 years of serving fresh fruit, vegetables and foodstuffs to the peoples of Mentone, Sorrento and more recently Tooronga. The fact, therefore, that Sciclunas Mentone and Tooronga is ready and willing to take Mana Cold Brew on their shelves is truly humbling.

We love Mana ourselves, that's a given, but it still gives us a burst of joy when we find out that others like it as much as we do! In much the same way, we're always taken aback when such distinguished grocers like Sciclunas range us. In the sad, nerdy world of producing cold brew, a retailer like Sciclunas is really a badge of honour. A large grocer that still has an exceptionally a high level of produce quality, an exquisite range of deli and pantry products and professional friendly family service.

This aint Kansas any more Toto. This means the clever little boxes of Mana Cold Brew are starting to play in the big leagues. And we couldn't be happier. It speaks wonders to where the cold brew trend in Australia is going and how we're positioned to service it! We're so frickn excited to be in Sciclunas and, once again, nestled between such prestigious brands on their fridges.

Normally this would be when we say 'do yourself a favour and head on in to get a box' but for Sciclunas, it doesn't really seem necessary. If you're not already visiting these beautiful stores for produce and groceries that are head and shoulders above the rest, there's not much we can do for you.... Jokes! Go in and shop there! Now! Stop reading and go! 

If you haven't already left in a panic to fill your basket, we'll just finish with this. We're in Sciclunas. Boo-frickn-yah.

Produce porn.  Image: Scicluna's

Produce porn.

Image: Scicluna's

Mana has a new Brother... Alec!

The funky northern suburb of Thornbury has always been a Mana heartland with scores of our online orders heading to customers there. Now, we have the privilege of announcing that, if our dearest customers can't bear the wait, they can pop down to the wonderful Brother Alec cafe and grab a box straight out of their fridges!

Image:  Tesspresso

Image: Tesspresso

Brother Alec is brilliant on multiple levels:

One, they serve Syndicate coffee, a bean provided by none other than the magicians that roast our very own, Clark Street Coffee.

Image: Katie Wilton,  Smudge Eats

Image: Katie Wilton, Smudge Eats

Two, they serve food that is both a treat on the tastebuds and the eyeballs - check out their Instagram!

Three, they are a local institution staffed by the warmest and loveliest locals who make any experience there simply delightful. Don't believe us, check out their reviews! Who gets that many stars from that many reviewers these days... seriously??!

Four, they take quality, home made food - made with the same care and love as their own cafe dishes - and package it for on-the-go locals to take home. It's like having your Mum on the local High St! Fantastic.

Finally, (and we would say most importantly) they stock Mana Cold Brew!! Brother Alec is our most recent addition to the stockist family and we're so happy we can be a part of a locally supporting and supported social and food hub. Go in for brunch, grab your dinner while you're there and tuck a box of Mana under one arm. Week night sorted.

Chill with SpaCo and Mana!

Had a hectic week? Are there 10,000 things running through your head? Are your shoulders and neck so tight you look like a 95 year old man? You need a spa. Seriously, you really need a spa.

SpaCo CafeInterior.jpg

SpaCo Mornington are the only spa in the Mornington area worthy of your sore muscles and frazzled mind. The amazing team there can work you in ways you didn't think possible and have your pains, tensions and worries slipping away in a sleepy haze of relaxation. You'll drift out with a contented smile on your face.

SpaCo Cafe.jpg

But SpaCo Mornington haven't stopped there! They have created far more than just an oasis of clam. Their carefully selected range of products and beautiful cafe mean you can continue to float on your cloud of contentedness and indulge in further therapy (of the retail variety). Most importantly, for you entire well being, they now stock Mana Cold Brew!! So not only can you reward your muscles and brain but your taste buds and stomach too!

We love the idea of a beautiful, progressive and modern spa like SpaCo Mornington stocking Mana. It fits so perfectly with everything we want the Mana brand to be: relaxed, active, content, modern and dedicated to just making people happy. Brilliant.

If you're a Mornington local or find yourself in the area for a sunny weekend, you must, must stop into SpaCo, book yourself a massage and just take a moment to switch off. Once suitably wobbly, take a box of Mana home with you, pour yourself a glass, find your comfiest couch, drape yourself across it and sip leisurely. Heaven...


Mana gets Localized!

The weather is finally warming up in Melbourne and, like a small bird after winter frost has finally subsided, Mana is stretching its wings and shaking off the cold! (Bit of a wanky analogy but we're sticking to it..!)

We have huge plans for this summer - more to come on those... - including hitting a whole host of new shelves in Melbourne and taking our first tentative, nervous steps out to the rest of the country!

localized logo

With our eyes firmly focused on an exciting summer, we're thrilled to announce a new stockist! Localized Richmond, at 141 Swan St, Cremorne, has taken its first delivery of Mana and our clever little boxes now adorn the shelves of their fridges!

Localized Richmond is passionate about local, organic and high quality foods stocking a beautiful range of fresh produce, dry goods, dairy and chilled beverages. We're delighted to be able to supply a store committed to great products and supporting local farmers and suppliers.

Swan Street is always worth a visit and now your incentives are even greater! Pop into Localized Richmond, grab a box of Mana and thank the team on behalf of us for supporting businesses like ours.


Magic Bean Report #2 - Matambo

Coffee is just like wine - the fruit that gives it its beautiful flavour changes, grows and develops with the change in weather. In order to keep Mana's beautiful, fruity, smooth flavour with it's punchy chocolatey aftertase, we adjust our raw ingredient. A new mix of Colombian farmers has been able to give us our latest magic bean: Matambo!






Hulia Dept., Colombia, (Lot A 03-178-0134-17)

A  slightly darker roast brings out a strong body with bright acidity, delicate floral notes and sweet yellow fruits. Chocolate and caramel flavours on the back palate. 




15 coffee growers, members of the APROCAFEQ El Paraiso Association cooperative. Find out more about the individual growers here.  

Grown exclusively in the Department of Hulia, Colombia, these farms have an average size of 3 hectares and sit between 1,600 and 2,000 meters above sea level.

Beans are typically a mix of 80% Caturra and 20% Colombia







Once again the geniuses at Clark Street Roasters have been able to nail the brief on our beans. With full transparency and personal relationships with their growers, Clark Street Roasters continue to be as committed to social, environmental and economic sustainability as we are. For their exquisite coffees and much more, check them out here.