Mana is the brainchild of two Melbourne lads who love cold brew and weren’t happy with what was currently available. Espressos are getting more expensive by the day and cheaper offerings like pods don’t taste great and are incredibly wasteful.

So they decided to create Mana Cold Brew, an inexpensive, high quality cold brewed coffee that's good for the environment.

Mana is proudly Melbourne born and brewed in small batches through a manual and careful process.

What is Cold brew coffee?

Cold Brew is a coffee extraction process in which fresh ground coffee is steeped in cold or room temperature water for anywhere between 12 and 18 hours. Cold brew gently extracts the solubles - the oils, chemical compounds and acids within coffee that create it’s flavour - over time meaning the resultant drink is sweeter and less bitter. The cold brew process also means these solubles last longer and the coffee has a higher caffeine concentration.

In contrast, brewing with hot water rapidly dissolves these solubles which, while creating a strong smell and taste, degrades and oxidises them resulting in sour and bitter flavours. Hot brewed coffee (including espresso) also goes stale faster thanks to the faster degradation and oxidation.

Once our coffee has finished brewing, the rich brew is released through a 2 stage filtration process. What you are left with is a nuanced, naturally sweet, less acidic coffee that you can drink straight, sweetened or unsweetened, with any sort of milk, hot or cold. Brilliant.

Cold brew is the perfect method to bring out all the subtle flavours of coffee beans and roasts. This is why we are incredibly fussy when it comes to selecting our beans and roast levels, a pain in the arse for our incredible roasters - Clark Street Roasters - whose guidance we are eternally grateful for. 


Why is Mana better?

There are a few cold brews popping up around Australia. And sure, some of them are even quite good. But, shamelessly tooting our own horn, we reckon we have the bee’s knees.

We have extensively tested our cold brewing process to produce the finest cold brew we can.  Everything from the bean type, the grind, the filtration method, how long we steep it for, the water temperature and even how the water is poured onto the coffee has been tested and selected to deliver the best tasting cold brew possible.

And then, there’s the box.

Have you seen the box?! It’s beautiful. A compact, functional and just plain adorable little box just waiting to share its Mana with you. The perfect size to fit in your fridge or esky. If you need more flexible packaging arrangements, remove the bag from within! It’s even easier to pack into bike panniers, a backpack or just wedge it between your car’s boot and a stack of camping chairs.

This combination of fantastic cold brew coffee and genius packaging comes to you at a price that makes each serve drastically cheaper than cafe coffee or pods. Spend all that saved cash on something awesome…

Caring for your Mana


Mana lasts for over a month! We also make our brew in small batches so we never have any boxes lying around. 


Yes, because Mana is made using no artificial preservatives it needs to be refrigerated.

Should it be drunk hot or cold?

That’s up to you! Mana tastes great either way. Always pour Mana into something if you’re going to heat it. Never heat it in the box or bag.

Try out different methods to see what works for you. If you want some inspiration, check out our recipes.